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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense

Our Practice Areas
We specialise in all aspects of white-collar criminal defense. We represent clients being investigated and prosecuted for alleged domestic and international tax fraud, public or private corruption/bribery, money laundering, abuse of corporate assets, financial crimes, market abuse and other business crimes. 
We are also actively engaged in the defense of victims of violent crimes, of terrorism and of international crimes in Belgium and abroad. 
Thanks to our network of international firms and specialised criminal defense lawyers, we are able to craft and coordinate defense strategies in matters involving multiple jurisdictions, parties and prosecuting regulators.
Our Clients 
Our clients include Belgian and foreign, public and private companies, banks and financial institutions, their officers, shareholders and employees, as well as private individuals who are confronted with the criminal justice system.

Pre-Investigation/Prosecution Assistance & Strategy
We assist our clients in meeting their legal and regulatory obligations in their respective fields of activity and in adapting to an ever-changing international and domestic legal landscape (anti-money laundering and anti-corruption obligations, corporate responsibility, criminal responsibility of directors and officers,...). 
We also assist clients in crafting pre-investigation and pre-prosecution strategies to minimize the risk of criminal prosecutions and their consequences.

Defense in Criminal Investigations & Proceedings
Our team is experienced in defending clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, from police custody and investigation through trial and appeals, including before the Belgian Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. 
We also have experience representing clients in investigations by parliamentary commissions.

Crisis Management & Reputational Risk
Our understanding of the Belgian legal and political landscape allows us to swiftly and effectively assist clients with crisis management and to mitigate reputational risks related to interactions with the criminal justice system. We establish strategies with various stakeholders to communicate to the media and internally (when the client is a company), in line with our client’s defense strategy, their values and financial imperatives. 

Defense of Victims 
We have a long history of defending victims of violence in criminal proceedings. Our practice includes representing victims of sexual violence, terrorism, human trafficking and international crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes) in matters brought under universal jurisdiction statutes.